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Causes of safety accidents in cement enterprises and suggestions for prevention

Posted by Raymond Woods on

The continuous development and innovation of cement business has not only improved the quality and increased the production of cement, but also made the efficiency of production greatly improved, and the innovative use of new dry process cement has brought great convenience to cement enterprises, but also some urgent problems have emerged. So far, the generation of safety accidents in cement enterprises is a major problem that we need to face. Therefore, a comprehensive analysis of the causes of safety accidents and the implementation of preventive measures against them are important to ensure the sustainable development of the cement industry.

1 Causes of safety accidents

1.1 Low safety consciousness of staff and formal safety training of enterprises

Safety awareness is the ability of people to react and judge when danger occurs. Many staff members engaged in the cement industry have low safety awareness, and the managers of enterprises are obsessed with pursuing their own interests, and they do not pay enough attention to the three-level safety education for newly recruited employees.

In addition, some staff members are not professionally trained to prevent safety accidents, and they are not skilled enough in safety knowledge and professional safety operations, which leads to insufficient safety awareness. Some construction workers are blindly confident that wearing safety protective gear is unnecessary and no safety accident will occur, which is also a reflection of low safety awareness. Therefore, the low safety awareness of managers and related staff is an important reason for the occurrence of safety accidents.

1.2 Insufficient investment of funds

Insufficient investment in safety devices and facilities is also a major factor in the occurrence of safety accidents. Some cement companies, in order to save the cost of cement production, excessively compress the expenses on safety production, invest too little in safety, and lack safety facilities, which naturally produce some potential safety hazards.

For example, the accumulation of production equipment, the imperfect production process and the narrow and crowded safety evacuation routes. In addition, the aging of production machines and the lack of safety equipment can cause safety accidents. Therefore, cement companies should pay high attention to this and increase investment in safety measures to reduce accidents.

1.3 Failure to improve safety management system

It is found that many cement enterprises do not establish a sound safety management system according to local and national regulations, and the safety management mode is still in the development stage, which greatly increases the chances of safety accidents. Nowadays, the innovative use of new dry process cement has brought great benefits to the cement industry, but the safety management system of the industry has not been developed and innovated, and some cement enterprises even “borrow” the management mode of other enterprises.

In addition, some enterprises have established safety management systems, but the management personnel are negligent and negligent, which leads to a lot of loopholes in safety management and does not really play the role of safety management system.

1.4 Insufficient supervision and prevention

Compared with industries such as coal mining and construction, the supervision department of cement enterprises thinks that the production of cement is safer, so the supervision and prevention of the cement industry relaxes its vigilance, not knowing that this is the biggest threat to safety. Some cement enterprises have a chaotic production site with no management personnel to supervise and prevent safety, which makes the chances of safety accidents much higher. Therefore, it is very important to enhance the supervision and management of safety.

2 Suggestions for the prevention of safety accidents

According to the above summary of the causes of safety accidents in cement enterprises, the following preventive suggestions are put forward to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents and maintain the safety of workers’ lives.

2.1 Strengthen the strength of safety education and training, and improve the safety awareness of staff

The construction of safety culture for enterprises is an important initiative to prevent safety accidents from occurring. This requires cement enterprises to make great efforts to organize and train staff for safety knowledge explanation and safety operation practice, so that managers and relevant staff can improve safety awareness and actively form the consciousness of “safety first”, and deal with the relationship between safety and production, safety and interests, and realize that safety is the development The first important thing is to promote the continuous development of the cement industry.

2.2 Increase safety investment

Cement enterprises should correctly treat the relationship between safety and benefits, for an enterprise, no safety accidents can be said to be the most valuable asset, which in effect increases the economic benefits of an enterprise. Therefore, cement enterprises should not be stingy with their safety investment, and should make more efforts to purchase safety facilities and eliminate the hidden dangers in production, which not only reduces the occurrence of safety accidents to a certain extent and protects personal safety, but also plays an important role in establishing a good image of the enterprise.

2.3 Improve the safety management system

Cement enterprises should thoroughly implement the provisions of the national safety law, improve the enterprise’s safety management system, regulate the safety behavior of staff and strictly achieve safe production in order to avoid safety accidents. In addition, cement enterprises should also arrange corresponding responsible persons in each department and each post, so that the staff can do their respective duties. We should not only establish a safety management system for the staff, but also carry out safety management for some dangerous items to make the best preventive measures.

2.4 Increase safety supervision and prevention efforts

Strengthening safety supervision is also an important measure to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. The relevant departments should pay attention to the inspection of enterprise safety production, and at the same time supervise cement enterprises to strictly implement the safety laws and regulations issued by the state, and give corresponding penalties to those enterprises and individuals who operate in violation of the law, so that the safety supervision work can play a great role.

3 Summary

The causes of safety accidents in cement enterprises have been elaborated above, which makes us understand that while the cement industry has been developed and innovated, it has also brought certain safety hazards. We need to improve the safety awareness of staff, increase safety investment and safety supervision and prevention, and improve the safety management system to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents and establish a good image of the enterprise, so as to promote the better development of the cement industry for better development and further build a harmonious and stable society.