Measurement suggested

Reflective Silicone Waterproof Coating additionally called natural silicon based waterproof covering in white reflective shading yet there are numerous tones for choice. It is a water-based harmless to the ecosystem single part waterproof covering made of silicone elastic latex and its nano composite emulsion as the primary base material, blended in with inorganic fillers and different added substances. For the most part in white reflective shading and it tends to be utilized for openness works with direct daylight with prevalent enemy of UV execution for the insurance of material. When applied the life expectancy can be over 20 years with appropriate application. It very well may be effectively brush or roller application or utilize any shower applications for huge scope metal material works.

Primary component

  1. The general film-framing property is acceptable. After the covering China reflective Membrane film is restored, it will frame a ceaseless, uniform and incorporated elastic like elastomer, so the waterproof layer made has no cross-over joints, which is more reasonable for the development of unique formed parts.
  2. It has great prolongation and great rigidity.
  3. Single segment, water emulsion type and can be made into shading covering.
  4. Helpful development. It very well may be developed by scratching, painting and brushing. It doesn’t have severe prerequisites on the moistness of the base layer and can be developed on wet surfaces. Cold development is particularly invaluable for building locales where open flares are restricted and complex shapes are precluded.
  5. Green and natural security, non-harmful and dull, helpful and protected to utilize.

Extent of use

It is utilized for waterproofing, against leakage, dampness confirmation and gas-sealing of new and old rooftops, rooftops, storm cellars, washrooms, pools, stockrooms, and scaffold projects. Its life expectancy can arrive at 30 years.

The new shading silicone elastic waterproof covering has great attachment and porousness to solidify mortar, substantial lattice, wood, earthenware production, glass and other structure materials. Practice has demonstrated that when it is applied to mortar and substantial network, it can enter 0.3 mm, and solidly hold, it is particularly appropriate for gluing or putting the external surface subsequent to painting, particularly for storm cellar, washroom, latrine spillage fix, which is unparalleled by other waterproof materials .

Furthermore, this item additionally settles the waterproof and sun assurance issues of aluminum amalgam overhangs and window downpour covers.

Discretionary tone

White, Blue, Gray, Red, Transparent, and so on

Development strategy

  1. Grassroots treatment: the outside of the grassroots is needed to be level, and no lopsidedness and sanding are permitted.
  2. Joint treatment: If the rooftop has breaks above 3mm, the fixing material ought to be filled, and afterward the covering ought to be applied.
  3. Scratch covering: Rolling, scratching, painting or brushing can be utilized for development. By and large, 3-4 coats are applied, and the reference sum for each coat is 0.8-1.0 kg/m2.
  4. The absolute thickness of the covering film is above 1.5mm, and the stretch between each covering is 2-12h (contingent upon the climate conditions). 1-2 layers of glass fiber fabric or other remains materials can be included the center of the covering.

For the most part 1.5-2 kg/m²

Bundling, stockpiling and transportation

This item is bundled in sealed shut barrels or buckets, the capacity temperature ought not be lower than 0℃, and the capacity time frame is over nine months.

This item is non-harmful, non-combustible, non-destructive, and can be shipped as customary merchandise.


  1. It isn’t appropriate for development when the temperature is lower than 5℃.
  2. Development is denied on blustery and frigid days.