Forced lubricating system

A forced lubricating system will feed the lubricate oil into the closed screw-not system by way of particular pipeline,and type an oil display between each touching elements to scale back the components friction when press lubricate oil coming out type the closed screw-nut system will likely be pumped again to the filter system to be filtered,and then will be injected into screw-nut electric forging press system again.

The invention pertains to a screw press having a flywheel rotationally related to the spindle by means of a friction coupling and a spindle displaceable axially in a nut mounted in the higher cross member of the press frame, whereby the flywheel has exterior toothing to a width similar to the maximum press stroke plus the width of the driving pinion, a plurality of pinions partaking in the said toothed rim are every driven by oil-hydraulic axial piston motors or by a pair of oil-hydraulic axial piston motors and the axial piston motors together with the pinions are disposed on a platform surrounding the higher cross member of the press body.

Can provide screw presses from main manufacturers and re-builders that present outstanding precision and are ideally suited shut tolerance forgings of aluminum, brass, titanium, steel and other metals. When the overflowing oil flows onto the oil filtering barrel by way of the oil tray, Shandong Leader Equipment Co.,ltd.

The variance of press energy below automatic operation is shown on the figure with the comparison of press power variance of standard (competitor’s) friction screw press and servo pushed machine. Slide moves up & down driven by motor via pinion, gearwheel and screw, gearwheel has enough inertia act as flywheel.

The electrical screw press requires more electrical power, but its components wear less, and it is particularly indicated for the production of elements that require more strokes to be completed. In case of hydraulic press, forming is unsuccessful with out giant scale of capability and pressing time getting longer, and there are defects of fabric temperature reducing and quick life time of tool.

AC servo numerical control electrical fly press of the current invention, no bottom useless centre needn’t be adjusted mildew top; Forge that precision is excessive, energy is huge, can vexed car below the load, can notice closed die forging; Can understand the repeatedly strike beneath the totally different-vitality to similar forging; The contact mould time is brief, and die life is lengthy, and hitting power is steady.

Suppose how jealous you’re associates shall be while you tell them you bought your electrical screw press on AliExpress. Power is either delivered from a flywheel, which is normally coupled with a torque-limiting (slipping) clutch, or by a direct drive reversing electrical motor.

In impression die forging, the workpiece is normally struck once in every impression. The lubricate oil popping out from the closed screw-nut system will be pumped again to the filter system to be filtered, after which shall be injected into screw-nut system again.

The benefit of static stress sort press is its static strain screw-nuts and the static pressure all these components are designed to be in a closed screw rotates, the nut will drive the slide block to maneuver up and down. Indeed, it is possible to verify the descent and rise speed at any moment, to have direct feedback about the production of the machine and to calculate the mandatory tonnage for the new forging of elements you want to produce.

6. Speed overload function, achieves 2-three instances of rated pace. Within the manufacture of air valve, the presses effectively perform after 15,000,000 strokes. A uniform stress is exerted on the pulp sheets, positioned between the platens with the help of wheel mounted on the lead screw.