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We strive to keep up to date with the latest sunglass trends so our products are never outdated. Keep an eye on our new arrivals for the latest fashion at cheap wholesale prices. Whether you are a sunglasses importer or a wholesaler. Sunglasses or you are just starting into the sunglasses industry, you should buy wholesale sunglasses for business purpose. Running/cycling/fishing/walking/golf/driving sunglasses/ski goggles at your selection. MOQ Request, Worldwide Shipping, 7/24 Service Assistance will make you sleep soundly when you cooperate with us. Heappy has more than 1,000,000 classic and fashion sunglasses in stock and can meet your fast delivery requirement and minimum order quantity.
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The actual shipping cost can be calculated based on the volume and freight of the goods purchased and then added to your total order. Please note that our main package delivery service is UPS or Fedex. Fashion aside, however, bulk sunscreens serve a very important function. The reason all sunglasses are tinted is because sun visors are designed to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Same goes for all 80’s. In order to make a fashion statement, it is very important to have a pair of party sunglasses with you when you are outside.
At Olympic Eyewear, we take value very seriously. Our products are similar to high quality designer sunglasses but are available at discounted prices. We create unique sunglass designs that are characterized by a high quality that is at least equal to the most expensive manufacturers. We buy our sunglasses in bulk directly from the manufacturing facility to share the savings with you. We have quality sunglasses at affordable wholesale prices to keep your income high and prices low.In addition to our cost, we have large volume discounts for large orders.
Whether you are a start-up, a small or large wholesaler in your home markets, an eyewear model, or a company that wants sunglasses as promotional items or gifts… Heappy will do its best to help you. There are also many different polycarbonate lens and shade options. We have mirror lenses and lenses in all different colors like green, blue, pink, yellow and more. Most lenses are rated for UV400, UVA and/or UVB protection to maximize eye safety in bright sun.We have many cheap and discounted styles of sunglasses such as aviator, party, traditional and wrap around.
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We have unbiased accessories for your selection.If you need to customize your custom logo on the accessories, we can also do it for you, however, you have MOQ request. Adequate inventory of umbrellas allows you to ship quickly, which greatly improves your billing effectiveness. CE and FDA regulation is one of many standards, once we design and manufacture sunglasses, presumably you can rest assured to buy and promote our sunglasses.
Express yourself and have fun with special sunglasses that will impress. Throw on a few of these statement pieces to make a splash on your next visit.Be bang on trend with these gorgeous embellished frames. Olivia Palermo isn’t the only movie star to sport embellished sunglasses. Some of them might indicate that part or all of the ancestry goes back to Italy.However, unlike the many luxury and sports sunglasses brands that make them, most people would have a hard time naming them.
Now that the fear of dropping my last pair of RayBans is setting in, I’m, in marketing jargon, in the “considering” phase of the purchase. Journey. With the summer months fast approaching, I also know I’m not alone as global sunglass sales peak between May and August each year. Expand your stock with glasses from one of the best manufacturers. Safilo, Marcolin, Marchon, Derigo, Kering, Luxottica and many others with above average customer satisfaction since 2008.
All manufacturing phases are strictly monitored to ensure high quality. This includes purchasing materials, subcontracting and quality control. We insist on full manufacturing transparency to ensure the integrity of our model and its high quality without compromise. Take a look at our amazing variety of wholesale sunglasses types including classic sunglasses, classic metal frame sunglasses, 50’s semi rimmed sunglasses, cat eye and more. In addition, most of our sunglass types are also available in children’s sizes.
Whether you are looking for something a little more masculine or want to show off your feminine side, we now have frames for you. We encourage you to choose our verified suppliers as all verified suppliers have been authenticated by the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification companies. See your verified report for more provider details. Finally, our manufacturing process is not left to chance. seasonal stock.
All items are of the highest quality, so you can be assured of your customers’ satisfaction. They can only be inventory from a previous season, which doesn’t really matter when it comes to sunglasses. Especially not when low prices mean you can afford to offer your customers great value at a lower price point. So remember, whether you’re a fashion lover, an athlete or a free spirit, there’s one thing everyone needs: a good pair of cheap parasols.
If you browse our inventory of wholesale designer sunglasses, we’re sure you can see exactly the types you want.Whether you’re looking for simple black frames or the hottest trends hitting the market right now, our sunglasses offer a comprehensive selection from over two dozen brands. You don’t have to sacrifice style to shop at Olympic Eyewear. But not all cheap sunglasses and cat-eye glasses are simply timeless trend statements. Like the rest, there are several types that attract the most extravagant. If you feel like standing out from the crowd, choose tinted sunglasses or buy these sunglasses in bulk.
Sunglasses typically include a variety of colors and styles in packs of a dozen or more. Certain types of umbrellas are also typically seen as symbols of wealth and luxury. Even though the glasses cost $20, the large frames give the classy look that many celebrities see sporting. Heappy is a China eyewear manufacturer for wholesalers and sellers worldwide, serving eyewear markets with wholesale value.
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As a result, you will find that our prices are extremely competitive.We always try to offer a cost that makes you happy as we understand that your success as a retailer leads to our success as a wholesaler. Simply put, we offer wholesale sunglasses at some of the best prices you will see anywhere. Cheap sunglasses are one of the oldest and most timeless fashion statements ever. All the cool and influential people have been spotted sporting a stylish pair of sunglasses over the years.